Amazing DIY Photography tips and tricks

photography tips

Photography is an art which is attached to strings of tips and tricks that can create magic without lightroom or photoshop. The more you know these amazing tricks, the better the result will be. Unfortunately, not many budding photographers know about these remarkable ideas which make use of cheap products that are available at any grocery shop. So, scroll down to learn some of the most impressive DIY Photography tips and tricks and create some interesting visuals.

With the help of a Prism

You might not believe it but some of the most exciting visuals could be developed by using a prism in an intelligent way. You can purchase a prism easily online at only $20 and then place the prism quite close to the lens. Now you can try new positions of the images with different angles of the prism to get a neat reflection. This trick could be done with any solid or translucent objects, such as a sandwich bag, a glass, etc. The result will be amazing as an object when kept close to the lens will blur.

Use Reflective Surfaces

Apart from keeping objects close to the lens you can also split the frame and can have intriguing results by using shiny surfaces. This is one of the most simple yet creative Photography tips and tricks, which you can try effortlessly. You can do this, by using the screen of your smartphone or iPhone or even a tablet, which has a black reflective surface. Now, put it over the bottom of the camera lens and angle the screen in such a way that it reflects the top half of the image.

Use Squirt Bottle or Yard Sprayer

If you want to create a rainy day image by keeping the subject of your photo dry, then use a spray bottle. Water droplets can create an effective background with the help of assistant spray water with a sprayer. You just need to place a light behind the spray so that the droplets sparkle.

Use Tinfoil for Bokeh Photography

A wise way of creating an excellent bokeh is to use tinfoil, as it will scatter the light, which can be more than a makeshift reflector. You just need to rumple that tinfoil first and then stretch it back out only to arrange it over cardboard. Now, use this cardboard as a photo background with a light source in front of it and keep it a few inches behind the subject. You must also keep a wide aperture as this will give a better result.


All the DIY Photography tips and tricks mentioned above are easy to follow and can let you create eye-catching images. So, what are you thinking about? Just give it a try and receive accolades from others for amazing images.